About Me

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"

– Martha Graham

Marguerite de Allende

I started my belly dancing journey many years ago when attending the Gala Evening of the International Oriental Dance Festival. I saw Marina “Ajsa Samia” Rehbein performing and knew then that this was an art form I’d love to try.

Unfortunately, she didn’t teach any classes in my area so I started classes with Inara of the Belly Beautiful Belly Dance Studio for over a year. Eventually I did get the chance to learn from Ajsa Samia in Milnerton and was honoured when she invited me to dance with the Oriental Dance Theatre Group – Palace of the Winds shortly after.

I currently focus on Rachel Brice’s Datura Style in my own personal dance training, but remain fascinated with all aspects of Oriental Dance, including Egyptian, Turkish, Romani and whatever styles I am exposed to.

I believe that no matter how many years one has danced, there will always be something new to learn from every dancer one comes into contact with, no matter what their style. I love all styles of belly dancing but have a very soft spot for Ajsa Samia’s “gypsy style” as well as a leaning toward the more contemporary alternative styles like tribal fusion.