About Us

The name “Northern Lights” was first used in 2017 as an umbrella name under which several belly dance studios in the northern suburbs of Cape Town perform in the Cape Town Carnival.

Since then, it has grown to become a banner under which several studios collaborate to create more opportunities for dancers to perform and grow.


The Northern Lights Belly Dancing Community started off as an idea in the head of Marguerite from Children of Isis Belly Dancing Studio, who wanted to bring the belly dance community together.

Throughout the Western Cape, there are several belly dance studios (both small and large) who, on their own, find it a challenge to grow the art and find opportunities to perform. Marguerite’s dream was (and is still) to create a space for these studios to work together as separate studios, but one community.

While Northern Lights may not be an NPO itself (yet), we always do our best to give back to our communities and find a way to support charity events and fundraisers (even if only through dance).